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S1000D Authoring / Conversion

You have a requirement to deliver documentation that adheres to the S1000D Standard, Accu Solutions can help you from the beginning to the end of this challenge you’re facing.

Our Accu team specializes in S1000D authoring and/or conversion services. Whether you are starting from Legacy Data or authoring new content, we can help you implement a centralized CSDB (Common Source DataBase), build your BREX (Business Rules EXchange) and your DMC (Data Module Code) Structure. Once in a CSDB, you can structure and optimize your content so you can use it across multiple platforms.

Legacy data conversion

We have developed a unique approach to data extraction of legacy data from PDFs and other types of documents into a structure CSDB which can then be used for further authoring needs. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Languages Processing Rules and Machine Learning, the Content Analysis, Extraction, Semantic Tagging, Structuring and Conversion can be largely automated.

A Phased Approach …

Our customers value our Phased Approach to optimize their content because of it is pratical, creates immediate cost-savings and optimizes the content for new content authoring and multilingual publishing efforts.

Accu helps you…

Create unified business rules for your S1000D conversion efforts and configure foundational data components to improve authoring and localization processes.
Deploy new and innovative content normalization solution and implement process to migrate all legacy data to centralized CSDB. Additional and optional conversion to conform to Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) is recommended to optimize future translation efforts.
Build and train multiple custom Neural Machine Translation engines that will optimize pre-translation of your content into and from various languages.
Within 3 years, eliminate the need to translate your material where 100% of your content will only need to be partially edited with the use of an innovative Post-Editing process.
From current experience, we can forecast a saving of more than 50% over current translation processes in less than 2 years.

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