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Thanks to advances in online learning and development, it is now easier than ever for businesses to deliver clear instructions to employees, customers and students across the world.

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For businesses that are in the process of moving into new locales, e-learning modules can be used to quickly communicate company values while offering convenient and cost-effective remote training.

Before this is possible, all e-learning programs, platforms and modules will have to be translated. E-learning translation can be a costly and time consuming process, as on top of the initial software translation, it is also absolutely necessary to implement precise, accurate and intelligent localization processes.

When it comes to e-learning translation, it is never enough to simply translate the words directly from one language into another. Individuals from across the world expect to be trained in their own local language. After all, if they cannot connect with the language of the course, how can they ever be expected to learn?

A Comprehensive & Cost-Effective E-Learning Translation Solution

At Accu Solutions, we have extensive experience in providing a high quality e-learning translation service that enables employees, students and customers to gain the knowledge they need, in the language they understand. Whatever the language requirement, our goal is to integrate learning content quickly and efficiently, while keeping pace with e-learning trends.

A common problem with e-learning translation projects, as with any software localization process, is ensuring consistent routing and reporting between our translation systems and our clients’ content management systems. To counter this, we have invested in advanced technologies that make the sending and receiving of content much easier, and much faster. This has enabled us to streamline our e-learning translation process and reduce our expenditure by around 40%, and we take great pride in passing on these savings in both time and money to our customers.

Choose Accu Solutions for your e-learning translation project, and we can deliver a high-quality translation of your e-learning programs, platforms and modules on time, and on budget. In addition, with our advanced project management system, we can advise you on how best to write your e-learning modules to make future multilingual translation as easy as possible.



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