Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is a comprehensive approach to managing the lifecycle of complex systems, particularly those used in military and aerospace applications. It involves the integration of various disciplines, such as engineering, supply chain management, maintenance, and training, to make sure that the system is supported throughout its entire lifecycle.

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Accu Solutions specializes in the ASD/ AIA S-Series ILS specifications.
The S-Series ILS specifications provide a comprehensive framework for managing logistics support activities for defense systems. Developed in the 1970s, these specifications have since been adopted by several countries and organizations worldwide.
The specifications that follow are fully supported by Accu Solutions:

  • SX000i – International guide for the use of the S-Series ILS specifications
  • S1000D – International specification for technical publications using a common source database
  • S2000M – International specification for materiel management – Integrated data processing
  • S3000L – International specification for Logistics Support Analysis – LSA
  • S4000P – International specification for developing scheduled maintenance programs
  • S5000F – International specification for operational and maintenance data feedback
  • S9000D – Dictionary for the S-Series ILS specifications
  • S1000X, S2000X, S3000X, S4000X, S5000X – eXchange specifications
  • ASD-STE-100 – International specification for the preparation of maintenance documentation in a controlled language (Simplified Technical English).

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Testability

Logistic Support Analysis

Preventative Maintenance


Technical Publications


Operational and Maintenance Data Feedback

ILS Software Solutions

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