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We are your unrivaled partner in the world of technical publications. Utilizing the power of the S1000D standard and our cutting-edge tool, Proteus, we offer a distinctive approach to content creation. As a Raytheon Reseller of the EAGLE Publishing System (EPS), we not only author S1000D directly from LSAR data but also automate the conversion process from non-S1000D content to fully compliant S1000D content.

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Automated Conversion Process

Our proprietary tool, Proteus, revolutionizes the industry by automating the conversion process, effortlessly transforming non-S1000D content into fully compliant S1000D content. This automation not only saves time but ensures precision and consistency with the S1000D standard.

Customizable Modifications

Proteus is more than just a tool; it’s a flexible solution. We’ve successfully customized Proteus for the Canadian Department of National Defence, aligning it with the CAN01100100-38905-AG006-00 (C-01-100-100/AG-006) standard. This standard introduces S1000D for Canada, and Proteus has been adapted to meet the specific requirements outlined in WRITING, FORMAT, AND PRODUCTION OF TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS.

Key Benefits of Proteus

  • Efficiency: Proteus automates the conversion process, reducing the time and effort required for transitioning to S1000D.
  • Flexibility: The tool is adaptable and can be modified to meet specific standards and requirements, such as the Canadian Department of National Defence’s AG006-00.
  • Accuracy: Automated processes ensure precision and consistency in adhering to the S1000D standard, eliminating manual errors.
  • Compliance: Proteus ensures adherence to industry standards, including national specifications like CAN01100100-38905-AG006-00.

Partner with Accu Solutions for Superior Technical Publications

Accu Solutions is not just a service provider; we are your dedicated partner in advancing your technical publications to new heights. Our expertise in S1000D, the power of Proteus, and the advantage of being a Raytheon Reseller make us the ideal choice for industries where precision and compliance are crucial.

Contact us today to discover how Accu Solutions and Proteus can revolutionize your technical publications, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and exceptional quality. Your success is our priority.

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