Training and Services

Accu Solutions offers core training courses to support all products within the EAGLE logistic toolset. These training events are typically conducted in person at the customer’s site, utilizing the customer’s EAGLE database and client applications. Based on our experience, the maximum class size for in-person training is limited to 10 students.

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Training and Services

Accu Solutions provides three core training courses, which are as follows:

1. Introduction to the EAGLE Logistics Product Data:
o This course familiarizes students with the Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment (EAGLE) Logistic Product Data solution.
o It covers the basics of Integrated Logistics Support and Logistic Support Analysis.
o The training utilizes the EAGLE client in a workshop environment to develop logistics data and generate sample output reports and files.
o The course can focus on specific logistics product data standards such as MIL-STD-1388-2B, DEF STAN 00-60, GEIA-STD-0007, or S3000L.

2. Introduction to EAGLE Publishing System:
o This course teaches students how to effectively use the EAGLE Publishing System for creating valid technical data.
o The training can focus on specific technical data standards such as ASD S1000D or MIL-STD-40051-1.
o Core topics covered include technical data standards, structured XML authoring, project creation, data validation, workflow and roles, and data export and publishing.
o The training can include exercises on using EAGLE LSAR data to generate procedural and Illustrated Parts Data Modules.
o The course concludes with a collaborative workshop to reinforce the learning and provide a roadmap for production projects.
o As necessary, Accu Solutions offer follow-on consulting to provide detailed advice and assistance in establishing production projects, thus saving time and effort.

3. EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System:
o This training course focuses on familiarizing students with the Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) for capturing and utilizing contractual data requirements in the depot repair process.
o Topics covered include Engineering Change Proposals, Lessons Learned, Configuration Management, Inventory Management, Contracts, Document Management, Failure Reporting and Corrective Action, and Traveler/Workflow Management.
o These topics are essential in Contract Logistics Support and Performance-Based Logistics contracts in the aerospace and defense industry, contributing to process improvement, quality, and system readiness.
o The course also provides an overview of how the Logistics Support Analysis Control Number is used in EAGLE to model a hierarchical parts breakdown and its role in MMIS within the context of FRACAS and AsBuilt configuration management.

Accu Solutions also offers tailored or advanced classes and expert consulting services upon request to assist projects in saving time, effort, and costs in their initial stages.

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Training and Services

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