Post Editing Services

At ACCU Solutions, we offer professional post editing services to complement, enhance and hone our machine translation processes.

Essentially, we use machine translation technology to translate huge volumes of text in a short amount of time, before our team of post editors review the translated content to achieve the client’s stated quality objective for which we are internationally renowned.

Through a combination of our machine translation and post editing services, we are able to undertake extremely demanding translation projects on time and on budget, while retaining truly outstanding levels of quality, precision, and accuracy.

Our machine translation and post editing services allow you to:

  • Translate your massive content volumes for significantly less cost than you might expect.
  • Translate and publish your large content repositories faster, keeping your content fresh for your audiences, while enjoying a very high quality rating of 95 to 99%.
  • Gain the power to publish all of your content, including your complete archives, into language that connects with your readers
  • Expand and scale your readership and audience exponentially, literally on a global scale
  • Ensure that your most meaningful content is consumed by more people than ever before

Post Editing Services From ACCU Solutions – How Do They Work?

First, we use our advanced machine translation technology to aggregate and translate your content. This process produces, almost immediately, a document known as a translation template. Though a translation template will communicate the gist or general meaning of your material, as it only has a quality rating of around 60%, it is not suitable for use as an official document.

It is here that our post editing services will come into play. Your translation template is delivered to our team of professional post editors who exercise their considerable linguistic expertise and skill in order to bring the translation template up to scratch. Part of their job involves ensuring that a document that has ostensibly been written by a machine reads as though it has been written by a human. Beyond this, they undertake a localization role through ensuring that the translated document is written in a language that resonates with the customs, culture and colloquialisms of your target audience.

Our post editing service involves refining your translation template to raise its quality score from 60% to a minimum of 95%.

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