Cross Cultural Marketing Services

Cross cultural marketing is vital in today’s connected world, where every business, regardless of size, is operating in a global economy.

This means that every product and every service has the potential to be marketed and sold overseas. Though this can result in a wealth of exciting new business and commercial opportunities, it can also create no small amount of challenges.

When moving into new locales, it is a given that businesses will have to translate all of their marketing and promotional materials. However, it is never sufficient to simply translate the words directly from one language to another. To effect a translation without taking into consideration the culture, the customs and the colloquialisms of your target audience can prove disastrous. At best, you will fail to engage with potential overseas customers. At worst, though, you may unwittingly cause offense, which could seriously damage your brand’s international reputation and prevent you from making any further progress into those lucrative overseas markets.

Successful cross cultural marketing requires extensive research into every aspect of your promotional materials. At a fundamental level, cross cultural marketing involves taking into consideration that words and phrases can take on different meanings in different cultures. Beyond this, care must be taken when it comes to graphics, design layouts, and even the formatting of such things as dates and telephone numbers.

At ACCU Solutions, we have the resources and the expertise necessary to offer a comprehensive cross cultural marketing service. Not only can we help you to ensure that all of your materials are written in a language that will resonate with your international customers, we can also help you to avoid the many problems and pitfalls that can arise when cultural differences are not taken into consideration.

Our cross cultural marketing service is always tailored to the unique requirements of your business, yet we are experienced in effecting high quality translations and localizations of:

  • Websites and software packages
  • Product catalogues
  • Promotional materials
  • Employee handbooks
  • PR campaigns
  • User manuals

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