Professional Translators Quality Assurance

At ACCU Solutions, we are able to draw from the specialist expertise of a huge network of professional translators, as well as a small army of expert language and technical specialists.

Our well rounded team possesses an exhaustive knowledge of a wide variety of subjects.

ACCU Solutions is like an international community of dedicated professional translators, and we believe that a broad skill base and varied technical knowledge are crucial to providing a high quality translation service in which all projects are uniquely tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our systematic editing process ensures that only the most accurate and precise translation techniques are used. Every translation project we undertake is compared closely to the source text, before being analyzed and critiqued to the most exacting of standards. You can thus rest assured that every document we translate been scrutinized word for word and line by line, as we know this to be the only way to fully ensure proper terminology and fluid consistency.

At ACCU Solutions, we believe that delivering consistently quality translations is the only way to build long term relationships with our customers. It is for this reason that we work tirelessly to ensure that your text is assessed using professional standards of editing and proofreading. Thanks to this attention to detail, coupled with our stringent quality assurance processes, many companies from a diverse range of sectors have chosen ACCU Solutions as their trusted team of professional translators.

Subcontractor Performance Monitoring

At ACCU Solutions, we are very particular when it comes to choosing our subcontractors. We go to great lengths to ensure that they deliver a quality of service that is every bit as professional as our own.

For every project we undertake, ACCU Solutions sends a general checklist to each assigned resource. This checklist includes general project and customer guidelines, any and all reference materials and glossaries, notes concerning formatting issues, and any other information we think is necessary to ensure the highest standards of quality. This can often include the specific requests made by our customers concerning their brand message.

Linguistic Quality Assurance, Translation Accuracy Checks (TAC) and/or J2450 processes are used for every single translation or localization project. Results are tracked per resource, and are reported monthly through our KPI.

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