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Why Choose ACCU Solutions?

At ACCU Solutions, we have extensive experience in providing high quality professional translation services to companies from a number of backgrounds. Over more than 30 years, we have been able to develop in-depth knowledge of a wide range of sectors, and we are experts when it comes to writing translations in a language that will resonate with your target markets.

In 2007, we earned our Controlled Goods certification/ITAR, making us one of the very few translation agencies in the world qualified and trustworthy enough to handle translation and localization projects for the Aerospace and Defence industries. Beyond this, we are also experienced and adept at handling translation projects for companies in the Consumer Electronics, E-Learning, Energy, and Software Localization industries.

Expert Knowledge

Choose ACCU Solutions for your professional translation services, and we will maintain the integrity of your message and your unique brand identity across all languages. Thanks to our expert localization knowledge, nothing is ever lost in translation.

We are particularly knowledgeable when it comes to the precise standards required for undertaking translations for Navy, Army and Air Force suppliers. Yet no matter which industry we service, our expert knowledge is supported by performance excellence, and we always strive to meet and exceed guidelines on cost, quality, benefits, and service delivery. We have a high degree of proficiency in the translation of technical publications, as well as the localization process for specific markets.

Impressive Responsiveness

Choose ACCU Solutions, and you will benefit from faster turnaround times through our scalability and repeatability processes. We have managed numerous complex translation projects in North America, Brazil, and Europe. Our centralized and secure web-base server technology facilitates unified workflow and language asset management processes, enabling us to coordinate swift and streamlined multi-vendor translation projects.

Quality Assurance

Choose ACCU Solutions, and you will benefit from our consistent 99% overall Customer Quality Acceptance, Document Version Control, and Branding Uniformity. We are one of the few translation agencies with full ISO 9001:2015 certification, which means that we consistently deliver the highest client service standards. Meanwhile, precision, accuracy and attention to detail is a given on every project we manage. In addition, we employ ASTM F2575-06 and SAE International J2450 Quality Assurance Standard Workflows, and we have a 100% successful Translation Accuracy Check (TAC) review score.

Cost Reduction Through Technology

Choose ACCU Solutions, and you can save up to 40% on the costs of your translation project. We are continuously investing in and applying advanced software for our translation services, with a high level of technology integration and a full understanding of technical publications for your industry.

Embracing technology and translation software has allowed us to reduce our clients’ translation costs by 40% over the past decade, through automatically reusing existing translations and leveraging terminology databases to increase consistency and minimize rework costs.


Choose ACCU Solutions for your professional translation services, and you will benefit from the trust, the dependability and the availability of a truly dedicated project management team. Every project we manage and every task we undertake, from the simplest to the most complex, is performed with the utmost of care, with your unique needs as a business always taking priority.

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